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With ScholarShare 529, making regular contributions automatically is easy and worry-free.

Set up recurring contributions from your checking or savings account to your 529 plan in minutes. Once complete, you can change recurring contributions to your account at any time.

What You’ll Need to Do It Online

To set up your recurring contribution plan online, you will first need to Update Your Account Information with the following information:

  • Checking or savings account number
  • Bank routing number
  • Name as it appears on the account
  • Bank’s name

How to Do It Online

  1. Login to your account OnlineOnce you’ve logged in, you will go directly to the “Contribution” page.
  2. Select “Electronically from your bank account”.
  3. Enter the contribution amount.
  4. Select “Recurring”.
  5. Select the Frequency and Start Date for the contributions.
  6. Choose if you would like to automatically increase this recurring contribution annually.
  7. Select the bank account, then click “Next”.
  8. Verify that the recurring contribution information is correct.
  9. Select Submit and you’re done!


Have questions? Call the good folks at ScholarShare 529 at     1-800-544-5248 or schedule an in-person consultation at

We’re here to help.

Yvette Haring, 529 College Savings Program Director

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