Meet Garianne

PAC member and ScholarShare529 Liaison Garianne lives in southern California with a 4-legged companion and her youngest daughter who is gearing up for a virtual freshman year at UC Santa Cruz this October. Her oldest daughter graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2018.

Garianne’s biggest ‘Ah-ha! Moment’ came around the holiday season several years ago (about the same time the photo above was taken!) when she asked friends and family members to consider 529 contributions for her daughters in lieu of traditional gifts. “When I saw the response from family members I wished I had made the suggestion when they were babies! Not only was it convenient for family living out of state, it ended up being really meaningful gifts for my girls”.

She advises parents with high school juniors and seniors to “Have an open mind about your children’s educational aspirations, whether they’re considering community college close to home or an out of state school, their ability to thrive in their chosen location might conflict with your desire to keep them close.”

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