Learn more about what transitioning to College looks like for your high school senior.

Last Call List

For Senior Year

Here you are, 365 days out from the empty nest.

The temptation is to spend a year boring them with lasts. The last first day of high school, the last birthday at home (trust me, this one is the real killer), or the last varsity game. But I am going to try and resist the pull to be maudlin and instead create a Parent’s Bucket List for Senior Year in high school, perhaps better thought of as the Last Call List… Everything I wish I had done before my kids went to college…”

Grown and Flown has put together a wonderful overview for parents of seniors on how to navigate their last year of high school. Click ‘Read More’ below to see our guide: Last Call List for High School Senior Year.

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Our Guide to Senior Year

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5 Small Changes to Impact Their Independence

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Senior Year


Senior Year

Susan Sontag’s statement, “Do stuff. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead,” holds true for this year of the college search.


Avoid Senioritis

Register and take SAT, ACT

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Obtain FSA IDs for FAFSA

Complete FAFSA, Review SAR

Mental, Physical, Emotional Health, Disability Conversations

Write College Essays

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Discuss Finances with College FA Offices

Apply to Colleges – Common Application, Universal College Application, Coalition Application

Learn Which Colleges on Your List Require CSS Profile, FAFSA, Supplemental FA Forms

Early Decision and Early Action Applications – Oct. 1, Nov. 1

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Narrow College Choices

Submit College Applications

Ask HS Guidance Counselor About Scholarships and Complete Scholarship Applications

Plan for Summer Job, Internship

Family Discussion about Money, 529 College Savings

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Research Financial Aid Options – Loans, Grants, Scholarships, etc.

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Request Transcripts

Contact FA Office of Colleges Applied to – Make Sure They Have Everything

Decide College – National Decision Day

Complete Scholarship Applications

Financial Aid Calculator

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Review Acceptances, Financial Aid, and Scholarship Offers

Pay College Deposit

Attend Admitted Student Days


The Parent

Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of ScholarShare 529 parents with children already using their 529 savings for college. That means they know a few things about college and are eager to share perspectives and insights with you as your teenager begins their college adventure. This is a group of parents who have been there, done that. Now, they’re ready to exchange stories with you. Meet the PAC.

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