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If you’re wondering what your kid’s transition to college will look like, College Countdown is for you.


You’re visiting colleges. You’re sorting through acceptance letters. You’re saving for your kid’s education.

For all these reasons, College Countdown is a great resource. Of course, we can’t help you plan a graduation party, but we can address the issues you encounter as your teen prepares for college.

College Countdown is maintained by ScholarShare 529, California’s official college savings plan. They help families like yours save for higher education. That means you’re in good hands.

College Countdown has insights about admissions, student life, academic success, affording college, and parenting. We’ve been around a long time so we know a lot of pros with insight to share.

Welcome to College Countdown.

Let’s get started! To explore articles and videos relevant to your student’s transition to college, follow the links below. You’re going to love this site.

Patricia Roberts, J.D., College Savings Advocate

For Parents of Juniors

For Parents of Seniors

Recent Articles

Academic Success
April 4, 2024

Avoiding the Expense of Academic Delays

10 tips to help keep your child on track during their educational journey: Identify existing credits. When applying to college or entering the first semester, determine whether credits previously earned…
Affording College
April 1, 2024

ScholarShare 529 Beneficiaries Poised to Receive Over 100,000 Gifts of College This Year

Last year ScholarShare 529 beneficiaries received 92,777 gifts of college through the plan’s online giving platform, ugift®  ̶ ̶  a figure that has more than tripled since 2020.1 If current…
Affording CollegeParenting
March 28, 2024

But How are YOU Feeling?

I recently had the opportunity to ask over 1,000 parents who are saving for college about their feelings ̶   were they confident, anxious, or somewhere in the middle and…

The Parent

Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of ScholarShare 529 parents with children already using their 529 savings for college. That means they know a few things about college and are eager to share perspectives and insights with you as your teenager begins their college adventure. This is a group of parents who have been there, done that. Now, they’re ready to exchange stories with you. Meet the PAC.

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