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The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) are ScholarShare 529 parents with kids already using their 529 savings. Members are standing by to answer your questions, share insights, and swap stories. Learn more and reach out to them below.

Meet Garianne

PAC member and ScholarShare529 Liaison Garianne lives in southern California with a 4-legged companion and her youngest daughter who is gearing up for a virtual freshman year at UC Santa Cruz this October. Her oldest daughter graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2018.

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Meet Lorie

Lorie and her husband live in Sacramento, they are the proud parents of triplets! Two sons and daughter are currently enrolled in their senior year of college, in very different places. Lorie’s daughter studies Social Justice and Leadership at St. Mary’s College, one son is majoring in Chinese Studies at Pacific Lutheran University in Washington state and another is double-majoring in German and Political Science at the University of Portland.

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Meet Denyne

Denyne is the proud mom of four amazing children. Denyne’s oldest son graduated from the University of Tennessee, her oldest daughter from the University of Santa Barbara, her youngest son is just over a year from graduating from the California State University-Chico, and her youngest daughter is at Central Oregon Community College.

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Meet Patrick

Patrick’s main advice for parents is to start saving for college the moment that your children are born and to solicit donations from friends and family members along the way.

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Meet Maria K.


Maria lives in Pasadena with her husband and three sons. Her oldest studies Marine Biology at UC Santa Barbara, her middle son attends Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and her youngest is a junior in high school.

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Meet Martha


Martha lives in northern California and is the proud mother of a California State University at Chico journalism graduate. Her daughter is now enrolled in Chico State’s Graduate Program, teaching communication classes as part of her studies.

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Meet Maria P.


María vive en San José California y tiene tres hijas. Su hija mayor estudia en la Universidad de San Jose State, su segunda hija asistirá el Colegio Comunitario Evergreen en el otoño y su hija menor es una estudiante de primaria.

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Meet Desiree


Desiree lives in Arcadia with her husband, daughter, and son. Her son is a freshman who studies Computer Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona and her daughter is a junior at Arcadia High.

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