Meet Denyne

Denyne is the proud mom of four amazing children. Denyne’s oldest son graduated from the University of Tennessee, her oldest daughter from the University of Santa Barbara, her youngest son is just over a year from graduating from the California State University-Chico, and her youngest daughter is at Central Oregon Community College. As a first-generation to complete college, Denyne learned the value of setting a goal and achieving that goal. For Denyne, the goal she had set for her children was for each of them to go to college and complete a degree. However, each child had to determine their own path to reach that goal.

Before Denyne’s oldest son was a year old, she started a 529 college savings account for him. She understood the value of planning for their future. Having had to pay for her own education, Denyne was unable to participate in all of the activities college has to offer. She vowed to do what she needed to in order to afford each of her children a different experience.

Fast forward to today, each of Denyne’s children has taken different paths to secure an education. Three of her children started at a community college, one took a gap year and then proceeded right to a four-year university. Whatever the path chosen, Denyne has supported their own unique journey. Having set up a 529 for each from the time they were one-year-old and consistently contributing to that fund month-after-month, year-after-year has allowed thus far each of Denyne’s children to graduate college with no debt.

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