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Everyone wants to help a child succeed in life.

One of the most unique features of your ScholarShare 529 account is the capability to ask for help from friends and family. Send them a Ugift® Invitation for a special occasion, like a birthday, holiday, graduation, or one-time event, and help grow your account.

You might also want to share the ScholarShare 529 website’s gift certificate form with potential gift givers, like grandparents or aunts and uncles, who may wish to send a contribution without an invitation.

How to Ask for Gifts

Once you’ve opened and set up online access for your ScholarShare 529 account, select the Ugift® link from the “My Accounts” page.

Once you are on the Ugift® page, a unique Ugift® code will be provided for each account.

Friends and family can use your Ugift® code at any time to easily make gift contributions at

You can share your Ugift® code using email, Facebook, Twitter, or printed party invitation inclusions. Another option for sharing is to print the Contribution Deposit Slip and mail it.

Where to Mail Contribution Deposit Slips

Standard Delivery Overnight Delivery Only
ScholarShare 529
PO Box 219185
Kansas City, MO 64121-9185
ScholarShare 529
920 Main Street Suite 900
Kansas City, MO 64105-2017
ScholarShare 529 cannot accept cash contributions, money orders, starter checks, traveler’s checks, credit cards, convenience checks, and some other forms of payment.




ScholarShare 529, California’s college savings plan, publishes the College Countdown website and articles to provide resources and to ease the minds of parents preparing to send their kids to college. Visit ScholarShare 529.